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In our modern world we are too often overloaded with information and bombarded with marketing hype telling us what to eat.

Eating healthy foods should be something simple & quick to incorporate into our lives without having to resort to unhealthy fast food followed by a top up of synthetic vitamins as a way of making up for all the poor quality food we eat.

Nothing can beat eating high quality wholefoods as the best source of nutrition for our bodies.  All our Wholefood supplements contain not just the active ingredients but a variety of synergistic nutrients that help in the absorption and assimilation of these foods. 

Here at Ezy Health Food we really are about making it easy to have high quality healthy food in your diet.  All our products are 100% food based supplements - No chemical extraction is involved either!

We won’t overwhelm you with extensive product lists to wade through.  We’ll just nail it down to these simple steps to easy health food living:

1.       Get your Gut right  – balance your intestinal flora (EzyFlora Daily Prebiotic & Probiotic Blend)

2.       Feed yourself high quality nutrients (Green Nutritionals Green Superfoods)

3.       Make sure you get enough high quality, easily absorbed plant protein (Ezy Protein)

4.       Eat at least 5 serves of Fruit and Vegies per day .

5.       Drink good quality water stored in BPA free plastic or stainless steel.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Mix all these items up into a smoothie for a yummy easy health food meal on the run.

Note: Most of our lines are available at wholesale prices to retailers, practitioners and fitness professionals who understand the importance of wholefood supplements and why they are so much better than synthetic or chemically extracted nutritional products.  Please contact us for further enquiries.