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Focus Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll-On 10mL

Focus Certified Organic Essential Oil Roll-On 10mL

Price: $21.95

An invigorating & energising blend, fostering creativity with sharp citrus.

Difficulty concentrating? Invigorate your mind with citric lemon to brighten and energise the soul, complemented by sharper notes of peppermint for mental clarity. This natural essential oil blend will rejuvenate your mindset and encourage creativity for any challenge life presents.

100% pure and natural oil of:
Sunflower Seed*, Lemon*, Jojoba*, Camellia*, Rosemary*, Peppermint*, Bergamot*, Sage* & Rosemary CO2 Extract*. (*Certified Organic)


Apply the roll-on to pulse points near the face such as the neck and temples or underneath your nose.