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Blissful Moment Natural Aromatic Room Mist 100mL

Blissful Moment Natural Aromatic Room Mist 100mL

Price: $21.95

Discover yourself with a natural mist that fosters a sense of mindfulness and lifts the mood.

Find yourself and inspire with a touch of organic Blissful Moment. Refresh your mind from a long day or simply uplift the mood, with revitalising notes of lemon and sweet orange infused with geranium to promote stress relief and ease anxiety. A dash of sandalwood then balances emotions and hormones for an ideal rejuvenating experience.

Made in Australia with certified organic essential oils.

Water, Ethanol*, Castile Soap (Coconut Derived), Lime Oil*, Sweet Orange Oil*, Patchouli Oil*, Geranium Oil*, Cedarwood Atlas Oil*, Sandalwood Oil* (*certified organic)


Gently mist around the Blissful Moment to revitalise your soul and centre yourself. Avoid spraying on your face and eyes.