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Sleep Well Natural Aromatic Pillow Mist 100mL

Sleep Well Natural Aromatic Pillow Mist 100mL

Price: $22.95

Soothe your mind & find your peace in sleep with this natural mist.

Create your own calm space anywhere with this organic blend of lavender to relieve restlessness, tea tree to purify the environment and a balancing note of cinnamon to calm and relax the body. The Sleep Well mist will soothe your senses and allow for a well-deserved rest.

Made in Australia with certified organic essential oils.

Water, Ethanol*, Castile Soap (Coconut Derived), Lavender Oil*, Tea Tree Oil*, Frankincense Oil*, Cinnamon Oil*, Rosemary Oil*(*certified organic)


Prepare for a peaceful night by spraying the mist gently on the pillow, yourself and around. Avoid spraying on your face and eyes.