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Life Cykel Bee Pollen 150g

Life Cykel Bee Pollen 150g

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Feel the energy of nature flow through you with our ethically sourced Bee Pollen from Western Australia, a delicious and nutritious addition to any dish.  

Bee Pollen is an incredibly unique and nutritious product. It is known to contain high concentrations of essential amino acids, mineral such as zinc, copper and iron as well as vitamins such as provitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin B.

Bee pollen is naturally granulated by worker bees when they gather flower pollen on their legs while they are foraging in the wild.

Our bee& pollen is ethically harvested from Western Australia in pristine, chemical free forests and conservation reserves, which produce spectacular pollen due to the high plant biodiversity.


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Ingredients: 100% Australian Bee Pollen

Sprinkle bee pollen on top of your smoothies, breakfast cereals, yoghurt, fruit salad or desserts to supercharge you dishes.