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Coconut Magic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Coconut Magic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Price: $25.95

Coconut Magic Coconut Oil is a premium range of organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil made from certified organic coconuts in the tropics of Thailand farmed amongst high quality soil.  Coconut Magic’s fair trade process is complete from raw materials to the pure oil in a jar within just a few hours.  Coconut Magic’s unique extraction method uses no heat and no chemicals. Using only high quality premium mature coconuts for coconut oil production ensures the live enzymes, lauric acid, nutritional benefits, healing properties and all other health promoting factors from the coconut oil are developed and preserved. This also produces a pure, mild and delicious tasting coconut oil.

  • Non refined, not bleached or deodorized
  • No fermentation
  • No quick dry or heating method used 
  • Free from GMO ingredients
  • Clean, fresh, pure and light coconut aroma and taste
  • No after taste
  • Very light and smooth buttery texture
  • More natural stability for a longer shelf life

Key Differentiator:

  • Quality of Thai coconut (due to soil and climatic conditions)
  • Organic coconuts from certified organic coconut farms
  • Cold pressed by centrifugal extraction, multi-step process to avoid need for any high heat during extraction


  • Organic certified by Bioagricert s.r.l. according to EEC 834/2007 and NOP standards
  • Certified organic by USDA standards
  • Thai FDA's freesale certificate 
  • Halal certificate

Suggested Uses:

  • Take one to four tablespoons per day
  • Use in cooking and for making raw food recipes
  • Use externally for skin and hair care
  • Use for oil pulling therapy
  • Use for pet health and skin conditions
  • Use as an energy enhanced dose


  • None
  • Product is vegan, paleo friendly, Non GMO and Gluten Free

Condition of Storage:

  • Keep well closed and in a dry place
  • Refrigeration is not required, although it is ok if desired