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E3Live AFA 400mg 240 Capsules

E3Live AFA 400mg 240 Capsules

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E3AFA® Capsules – Nature’s Most Versatile Superfood

E3AFA®  is the world’s most nutritional, highest quality powder form of Aphanizomenon flosaquae (AFA), Latin for “invisible flower of the water” - an organic wild-harvested freshwater blue-green Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™, considered by world health authorities to be nature’s most versatile Superfood.

Similar to liquid E3Live®, E3AFA® provides 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is the most nutrient dense food known to mankind and a rich source of chlorophyll.

The nutrients in E3AFA® have been said to promote:

· Increased energy, vitality and endurance
· Improved brain function and the ability to manage stress
· Increased mental focus and concentration
· Improved intestinal health and digestion
· Faster recovery time
· Normal blood sugar levels
· Restored overall biochemical balance(1)
· Long-lasting energy boost(2)
· Strengthened immune system
· Healthier skin, nails and hair

(1) Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Director, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre
(2) Dr Fred Bisci, internationally renowned health lecturer

E3AFA® Capsules - Available in 60 Capsules, 120 Capsules and 240 Capsules (400mg)

Low Temperature Hydro-Dri our state of the art low temperature drying process safeguards AFA’s nutrients and it is superior to all other drying methods.

Made with Organic Ingredients | Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Vegan | Non GMO | No Additives or Preservatives | Wild-Harvested