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Stress Release Natural Aromatic Room Mist 100mL

Stress Release Natural Aromatic Room Mist 100mL

Price: $22.95

A mild and comforting natural mist to calm your senses and envelop yourself in serenity.

Reward yourself with positive vibes using this natural mist infused with soothing organic essentials oils. The floral fusion of lavender and ylang ylang will release the mind from negative emotions, unwinding a remarkable soothing experience. The presence of tea tree and other essences helps to cure the soul from inside out.

Made in Australian with certified organic essential oils.

Water, Ethanol*, Castile Soap (Coconut Derived), Lemon Oil*, Lavender Oil*, Ylang Ylang Oil*, Tea Tree Oil*, Bergamot Oil* (*certified organic)


Shake the mist slightly and mist it into the air or on the body. Calm the ambiance and mood. Avoid spraying on your face and body.