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MgBody Organic Magnesium Roll On 60ml

MgBody Organic Magnesium Roll On 60ml

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The magnesium in MgBody products is obtained from the rich Australian Ocean and is organic and proudly 100% Australian.

Why use Magnesium?

Our bodies use magnesium for over 300 biochemical reactions making it one of the most important nutrients in our diet. Magnesium deficiency is common due largely to the consumption of overly processed foods and too few mineral rich foods such as green leafy vegetables.

Intensive training can lead to depletion of magnesium via sweat or urine. Energy production, muscle contraction, muscle relaxation, stress management and keeping our cells healthy are just some of the physiological processes that magnesium is involved in.

Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Sulphate?

According to Daniel Reid, author of The Tao of Detox, “magnesium sulphate, commonly known as Epsom salts, is rapidly excreted through the kidneys and therefore difficult to assimilate. This would explain in part why the effects from Epsom salt baths do not last long and why you need more magnesium sulphate in a bath than magnesium chloride to get similar results. Magnesium chloride is easily assimilated and metabolized in the human body.

Using other magnesium salts is less advantageous because these have to be converted into chlorides in the body anyway. We may use magnesium as oxide or carbonate but then we need to produce additional hydrochloric acid to absorb them."

MgBody Magnesium assists you with:

After Exercise Soreness (DOMS), Injuries, General Aches, Pains or Cramps.

How to use:

The recommended Australian daily intake (RDI) of magnesium is between 255-420mg. Easy to apply. Just roll on and rub into the site of aches and pains for almost instant relief.  For general purposes simply roll on your hands or arms, where it will be transported to where it is needed most.

Only to be used externally.