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MgBody Scrub - Peppermint Punch 130g

MgBody Scrub - Peppermint Punch 130g

Price: $14.95

MgBody Scrub uses a blend of Coffee, Magnesium and Coconut designed to deliver an invigorating scrub deliciously flavoured with Peppermint and extract of Vanilla.

Made from natural ingredients (some certified organic) you’ll find MgBody scrub great for dry, scaly skin.

Feel your muscles relax after a hard workout or long day at work. Your skin will be soft and moisturized.  Coffee scrub is known for its cellulite reduction and skin toning and exfoliating.  MgBody Scrub is SO good, you'll seriously become addicted.

No fragrances used, only essential oils.

Peppermint increases blood circulation, it is an antispasmodic for muscle tissue.  Peppermint provides relief from pain, eliminates nausea and headaches. aids digestion and clears the respiratory tract.