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Torus Bigmouth Pro T5500

Torus Bigmouth Pro T5500

Price: $449.00

The Torus T5500 Pro Big Mouth Slow Juicer devours whole fruits and vegetables with ease.  Suitable also for making nut butters, ice-cream and tofu.

The T5500 big mouth hopper/feeder is the largest on the market and in combination with the smaller hopper offers maximum versatility of any machine. It has a modern low profile design and effortlessly produces professional quality juice.

T5500 Features
• Smartlock Technology
• BPA Free
• Quiet, durable AC motor
• High Yield Auger
• 8 Year Warranty
• Raw nutrient protection

 AC Induction
Power: 150Watts
RPM: 60
Dual Hopper Size: Large 8cm, small 4×3.5cm
Average Noise: 30-50dB
Material: BPA Free
Warranty (Domestic): 8yrs motor 3yr parts
Continuous Operating Time: Up to 30mins

2 x Straining Screens:
 Small & large hole strainers for thick and thin juices
Blank Straining Screen: Makes nut butters, ice cream and more
Sieve: Fits over juice jug, perfect for small volumes of juice
Straining bag: Removes pulp from larger volumes of juice
Juice Tap: To control juice flow
Tofu Press: To make tofu
Cleaning Brush