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Every Bit Organic Raw Jojoba Oil 50ml

Every Bit Organic Raw Jojoba Oil 50ml

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Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant; a desert bound shrub that grows mainly in California and Mexico.  The oil which is extracted is actually very similar to the sebum (natural skin oil) that is produced in our own skin, making Jojoba oil a perfect moisturizer.

Through the application of Jojoba Oil to your skin, you may experience tremendous improvement to stubborn acne; you may find it useful as a soothing lip balm or even as a natural alternative shaving cream.  Jojoba oil contains Vitamins B and E and iodine; a natural compound that kills bacteria.

Jojoba Oil can be applied to the following conditions to provide relief:

•    Anti-inflammatory
•    Healing for sunburn
•    Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
•    Chapped skin - jock lips
•    Wounds/lesions
•    Psoriasis and eczema
•    Hair loss
•    Cuticle oil
•    Body lotion
•    Stretchmarks
•    Lip oil
•    Nourish cuticles and nails
•    Hair frizz
•    Makeup remover
•    Shaving prep
•    Dandruff
•    Dry flaky skin