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Gusto Smoothie Booster - Weight 180g

Gusto Smoothie Booster - Weight 180g

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GUSTO Weight is a wholefood, raw, vegan blend of herbs traditionally known for their weight management properties. This is neither a weight loss or weight gain product but rather these herbs are known to assist in bringing your body to its own natural, healthy weight.

Suggested Serving: Approx. 90 level teaspoons per pack. 1-2 level teaspoon/s, 3 times daily before meals or other times as you feel your body needs. Add to your favourite fresh smoothie, juice or shake. Can be sprinkled to your salad for an extra flavour.

Ingredients & Their Traditional Uses

  • Garcinia gambogia – Appetite suppressant, fat burner and digestive aid.
  • Turmeric – Helps to break down body fat. Bladderwrack – Increases metabolic rate.
  • Burdock – Can help to reduce cravings and hunger.
  • Dandelion root – Gentle diuretic and laxative.
  • Green Tea – Stimulates the production of body heat. Cayenne Pepper. – Stimulates saliva and digestion and increases metabolism.

Important: This herb blend should be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet containing lots of fresh fruits & vegetables. These herbs are not i ntended to treat any condition. They are intended to increase the range of natural nutrients available to help support natural good health.

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